We’re proudly announce that we have been awarded to supply Car Deck Drencher System, NOVEC1230 System, Low Pressure Water Mist System and Fire Alarm & Detection System for Tersan Shipyard’s NB1113-NB1114 Car and Passenger Ferries to be built for Fjord1 ASA.

Designed by HAV Design AS of Norway, 84 meters long and 16.3 meters wide ferries will have a capacity of 249 passengers (including crew), 80 cars and 6 trailers.

The sister ferries will be designed and optimized for the service at the routes between Eidsdal – Linge (NB1113) and Stranda– Liabygda (NB1114).These ferries will be constructed to provide effective, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport, loading & unloading of Cars and Passengers.

Bastø Electric, the world’s largest electric ferry has been delivered to Bastø Fosen. The ferry built in Sefine Shipyard with construction number NB42, she is 143,24m length and 20,7m beam and she has capable of carrying 600 passenger and 200 cars .

She will be highly manoeuvrable for the 30-minute crossings of Oslofjord between Moss and Horten at about 13.5 knots. NB42 equipped with a total of 4 environmentally friendly generators, including 2 battery sets and 2 generator sets, also includes Lithium ION batteries.

MARSIS supplied the entire fire extinguishing systems of this environmentally friendly ferry that are low pressure water mist system for machinery and accommodation spaces, vehicle deck foam system and fire alarm & detection system.


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