Quality Policies

We provide services for external (Fi-Fi) and internal fire extinguishing (Gas and water based) systems.

Hydraulic units, electric terminal boxes and pedestal of marine cranes are designed and manufactured in-house.
We deeply perspective the quality expectations of our customers and their needs in all over of the world. We aim to be a leading company that continuously develops all products and processes in this direction in the sector.
For this purpose;
– Marsis uses a human-focused approach to improve his employees. Marsis is a company with a quality conscious and questioning point of view.
– Marsis provides all necessary resources in order to make compatible with maritime rules, relevant standards, national and international standards and legal requirements and the creation of our products and services
– Marsis meets the requirements of social responsibility and maintains production to support the use of sustainable natural resources.
– Marsis ensures that the quality management system is certified and continuously improved in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
– We work with all our strength to raise the efficiency of our processes to the level that can compete internationally in the direction of continuous improvement approach and to be a model organization in terms of quality in the maritime sector.

Quality Certificate by IQNET

Quality Certificate ISO 9001 by RINA